Thermal Solutions

We work with premier solution and product OEM in the world to offer a comprehensive Thermal Solution. Thermal Engineering Services supported with the right product enables to handle any kind of environment from Electronics Cooling, Radar System, Missiles, Guided Weapons, cryogenic, high temperature, and space applications.

  • Heat Pipes in Various Combinations of Metal and Cooler Liquid.
  • CCHP ( Constant Conductance Heat Pipes).
  • LHP ( Loop Heat Pipes.
  • PCM Based Solution.
  • Thermoelectric Coolers.
  • Thermoelectric Generators.
  • Heat Speaders.
  • HiK Plates.
  • Tantalum Sheets.

Thermal Simulation

Flow analysis services

Thermal aspects of any design, often gets its attention when it has already dissipated the heat in the designer’s mind. It leads to patch-up arrangement resulting in non-optimal design. We help the designers  in the early stages of the design, identify potential issues, hot spots, Thermal gradients, creep analysis, dissipation management effectiveness i.e. complete simulation engineering including detailed temperatures and heat flow paths.

Our qualified team of Engineers suitably equipped with rich experience in Thermal Analysis and necessary software  tools is keen to manage the heat flow in your design. With the flow simulation techniques – we manage the Heat Path, Coolant medium flow and effectiveness of the same.

We provide thermal analysis services to address your thermal management design challenges.

We solve these types of problems for clients across the aerospace, defense and industrial, through finite element analysis or CFD analysis, depending on the application and required results—and provide recommendations for redesign.

Electronics Thermal Management

Quickly perform complete component thermal analysis on designs incorporating printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronics with easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and the Electronic Cooling Module.  Analyze heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation with the Heat Transfer Module, which includes a comprehensive set of features for investigating thermal designs and effects of heat loads. You can model the temperature fields and heat fluxes throughout devices, components.

Thermal  Analysis

Easily investigate the impact of cooling and design changes on component temperatures using thermal analysis in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. You can quickly determine the impact in and around the design to ensure correct thermal performance, product quality, and safety.

  • Detect hot spots in your designs
  • Reduce overheating challenges
  • Improve thermal isolation
  • Leverage thermal performance in your products

CAE Capabilities

  • Analysis of various mechanism, multi-body dynamics simulation
  • Electronics cooling system analysis
  • All Finite element analysis studies including Static, Dynamic, Non-Linear, Buckling, Transient, Modal, Vibration, Kinematics etc.
  • CFD, Vibration, thermal simulation
  • Mold flow simulation Sheet metal forming simulation

Aerospace Engineering & Defense CAD Capabilities

  • Integration and aggregate design
  • Detailed engineering design from conceptual studies
  • Study of alternate designs and value engineering on existing designs
  • Composite modeling Mechanism design
  • Structural design and validation
  • Training and 3D interactive user manuals
  • Scanning and reverse engineering
  • Parametric Part modeling and CAD customization
  • Jigs & Fixture design
  • Legacy data conversion, 2d to 3d conversion services
  • Manufacturing and engineering drawing generation

Electromechanical CAD Capabilities

  • Industrial design and styling
  • 3-D Part Modeling and 2-D Drawings for manufacturing
  • Digitizing of parts and benchmarking
  • Meshing and Finite Element Analysis
  • Development of sheet metal parts from Class A definition
  • Repackaging studies to reduce overall size
  • Mold flow and sheet metal forming simulation
  • Mechanism design and motion studies
  • Conversion of legacy paper/2D data to parametric 3D models
  • Interactive 3D technical documentation for internal and customer use for installation, commissioning maintenance and troubleshooting for the equipment
  • Creating of customer specific part libraries for data reuse and standardization Electromechanical

CFD Services

  • Meshing for CFD Application
  • Geometry generation and cleanup
  • Multi Block Structured Grid Generation
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Internal as well as External Flow
  • Steady as well as Transient flow

Aerospace Engineering and Defense CAE Capabilities

  • Explosive safety analysis
  • Simulation of launching loads
  • Fluid Structure interaction, underwater and surface shock analysis
  • Seismic and wind load analysis
  • Composite optimization
  • CFD, Thermal and Flow simulation
  • Electromagnetic & Electrostatic simulations
  • Static, Dynamic, Non-Linear, Buckling, Transient, Modal, Vibration, Kinematics and Multi-body dynamic simulations
  • Sheet metal forming simulation