Camera and Vision Systems

We work with Raptor Photonics in India. Raptor is a global leader in digital camera solutions for low light solutions. 

Raptor designs and manufactures high performance, industrial-grade and extremely rugged ultra-low light digital & analogue cameras, using CCD, EMCCD, CMOS and SWIR sensor technology. The extreme low light capability of Raptor’s cameras makes them ideal for the following markets:

  • Day/night surveillance
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial 
  • Scientific 

Raptor offers a broad spectrum of solutions addressing the X-Ray, VUV, UV, Vis, NIR and SWIR applications. Raptor Photonics Ltd is a registered ISO 9001:2015 company and is headquartered in Larne, Northern Ireland.

For more than 30 years, LHERITIER has designed and produced rugged cameras and complex vision systems for the Defence, Security, Energy, Aerospace Industries.

Based on the ingenious use of commercial sensors coupled with embedded image enhancement algorithms, the company has full control over its product design, R&D and testing processes, offering a wide range of skills and high-end technology to its customers. 

Camera modules for System integration
HUD Camera
  • HUD Camera (Head Up Display)
  • Enhanced Vision System (Camera Pilot)
  • On Board Cameras & Vision Systems Landscape Camera
  • Flight Testing & Instrumentation (Aircraft PERISCOPE)
  • Perimeter Protection (ARTEMIS & AETHER Camera modules for System Integration)