Automotive Division

We are driven by high Technology customer focused approach by providing our customers  with most advanced solution in AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONICS  from World Leading  manufacturer’s .  A Wide product portfolio, all products are compliant  with most relevant international standard’s .

Our Business units , Partners  leverage  Technology Toolbox to create highly integrated custom solutions to meet demanding Automotive requirement’s and Bring features , functions to our customers end user’s at the right value with high reliability.

SMCEL ( Automotive Electronics Division )-Providing Secure , Reliable , State of the Art Automotive Electronics  with Unwavering Integrity.

Automotive Electronics refer to the use of electronic systems and devices in vehicles, which have become increasingly prevalent in modern automobiles. Automotive electronics serve various vehicle functions, including safety, driver assistance, infotainment, and control. 

These electronic systems can be classified into different types based on different domains like :

Engine Electronics,

Transmission Electronics,

Chassis Electronics,

Passive Safety,

Driver Assistance, Passenger Comfort, Entertainment Systems, Electronic, and Integrated Cockpit Systems

Automotive electronics are electronic systems used in vehicles. These systems include engine management, ignition, radio, telematics, in-car entertainment systems and others. Ignition, engine and transmission electronics are also found in trucks, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and other internal combustion powered machinery such as tractors and forklifts. Automotive electronics are predicted to constitute near a third of the total cost of the entire car. The automotive transformations give rise to new features and challenges including (i) autonomous driving (ii) all-electric cars with extreme high power, and (iii) high-speed and secure communications and infotainment.

We offer reliable and affordable automotive electronic components for your vehicles. In case you intent to improve your car’s performance, safety, and comfort with the latest technology we offer advice and guidance on choosing the best automotive electronic products for your requirements.

SMCEL  a leading provider of automotive electronic solutions for Vehicles of All Range .   Makes and Models.

Our principals  & We  have vast experience in the automotive electronics industry.

We  have established long term close cooperation with   world’s top , renowned automotive electronics  component designers and manufacturers &   partners to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. And have a very efficient and stable Supply channels, a large number of stocks availability , a significant price advantage and perfect after-sales service.

SMCEL has an elite team with rich Sales, R&D and Management experience. Since its establishment, SMCEL  has always adhered to the service concept of customer first, quality first, and integrity first, maximize to meet customer needs, so get the market and customers widely recognized.


Automotive(Driving/Safety/ Car Navigation )

Tantalum Capacitors (Chip Tantalum Capacitors), Circuit Protection Components (Current Fuses) (Current Fuses), Circuit Protection Components (Current Fuses) (Surge Absorber).


Automotive /Railway: –  DC/DC converter.

Hi-Rel /Military:-  ceramic substrate (Al203) coupled.

Special Design Manufacturing as per Customer Specifications.

Radar for Automotive & Infrastructure Management, Smart City Applications , Bi-Directional transponder, High Power Amplifier.

Potentiometers:- Wound Potentiometers  , Plastic Track Potentiometers For  High Speed Cars / Racing Cars, Optical absolute, encoders Hall effect sensors.


ALUMINUM ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS:– Axial, Radial, Surface Mount, Prismatic, Snap in,  Screw Terminal, Motor Start, Photoflash & Strobe .

ALUMINUM POLYMER CAPACITORS:-Radial, Vertical Chip, Molded Chip, Flat FILM.

PAPER-FILM CAPACITORS:- Power Film, Ac Application, Power Film ,DC  Application, Axial,  Radial.

 MICA CAPACITORS:-Dipped, Surface Mount, Transmitting,  Partial Discharge Coupling, Rechargeable Batteries(Coin cell)

 SUPER CAPACITORS:- Super capacitors Cell, Hybrid LIC Super capacitors , Super capacitor Model, Super capacitors Coin Cell.


Fire fill, connector Gaskets, “C”Wrap Environmental Door Seal, conductive Extrusions, Vents, panels, Screens & Filters, Shielded  Unshielded, Diaphragm Material, Printed/Form In Process Technology, Sheet-Solid & Sponge Rubber, Insertion sheet/Reinforced Sheet, Oriented Wire & Pin–Shield Gaskets, Vents, Panel, Screen & Filters(Shielded& Unshielded), Fabric Wrapped Met-Cloth Profiles, Grip fast, BeCu & Stainless Steel Finger Stock, Cond-O-Flon, ‘Bake & Peel’ conductive Masking, Connector Gaskets, Thin shield, Oriented Wire & Pin –Shield Gaskets, Sheet–Solid & Sponge Rubber, Conductive Moldings, Foil and Masking Shielded Tapes, Oriented wire & Pin-Shielded Gaskets, Gaskets Material, Screen shield, Conductive O-Ring, Extrusion Profile-Solid & Sponge,  ‘O-rings, Insertion Sheet /Reinforced Sheet, Metal/ X-Ray Detectable Products, Knitted Mesh Products, Firefil l- instruescent Seals & Gaskets, Moldings, Thin shield ,  Diaphragm Material, ‘O’ Rings, Fabric Wrapped Met- Cloth Profiles.