Design Capabilities

Offers power conversion products AC-DC, DC-DC, DC-AC & AC-AC solutions for single/multi-output power supplies, embedded power supply & control power management units, distribution & control systems

  • Work closely with customer from project initial stage.
  • Product design with hi-reliability components.
  • Comply, test and qualify to relevant Military standards.
  • Support and provide solution till the final system integration.
  • Cost effective manufacturing solution for Hi-reliability electrical/electronic sub-systems.

Test Equipments

EMC Analyzer9kHz-1.5GHz
Bi Conical Antenna30MHz-300MHz
Log Periodic Antenna200MHz-2GHz
Closed Field Probe-I9KHz-30MHz
Closed Field Probe-II30MHz-1GHz
Oscilloscope (Mega Zoom)100MHz, 200MS/s, 4 Channels
Data Acquisition Switch61/2 Digit, 22 Channels
400Hz Source230V/1Phase/400Hz/5KVA
400Hz Source115V/3Phase/400Hz/10KVA
Processing UnitPIV PC + Network GPIB
Digitally Controlled Oven