Current Openings


Location : Gurgaon

Qualification : Diploma in Mechanical

Experience : Minimum 1-5 years

Position : Executive

Executive / Sr Executive Sales

Location : Gurgaon / Bangalore / Hyderabad

Qualification : B.E (Electrical/Electornics) / any Graduate

Experience : 2-3 years (B.E)

Position : Executive / Sr Executive

GET / Executive-Mktg

Location : Gurgaon / Bangalore / Hyderabad

Qualification : B.E (Electrical/Electornics) / any Graduate

Experience : 0-5 years (B.E)

Position : Executive

Executive / Sr Executive – Finance

Location : Gurgaon

Qualification : CA/ICWA/B.Com/M.Com

Experience : 2-5 years

Position : Executive / Sr Executive

Executive – Purchase

Location : Gurgaon

Qualification : Graduate/B Tech

Experience : 3-4 years

Position : Executive


Location : Gurgaon

Qualification : ITI in Electronics

Experience : 1-2 year, Freshers can also apply

Position : Technician

Primary Job Responsibilities:-

Manufacturing activities
·   Meet production targets in terms of quality and quantity as defined in the production schedule
·   Operate machines and carry out manufacturing activities as per instructions and ensure continuous production
·   Understand the technical specifications and design requirements of customers to ensure that final products meet the customer requirements
·   Identify material requirements for smooth operation and report shortages to the Reporting Manager
·   Coordinate with stores for kitting (acquiring material) based on the BOM
·   Identify problems and rectify products and production processes based on customer complaints
·   Monitor and report  faults in equipment to the senior management, as and when detected
In Process Self Inspection and Final Inspection of Products
·      Conduct in process self inspection ( inspect the working model of the product) to identify and resolve issues with respect to the design specification
·      Inspect the final product, post the quality checks to ensure compliance with order specifications
·      Monitor and report major faults in the final product to the Reporting Manager, as and when detected
·      Rectify any faults in the final products related to the design aspects based on the drawings provided
·      Endorse in process self inspection and final visual inspection status

Product Finishing and Dispatch Activities
·      Complete the product by putting the final product together including the side panels and other finishing parts
·      Coordinate with external printers for printing labels on finished products
·      Follow all cleanup procedures on the final product before it is dispatched to the customers
·      Monitor packaging of products as per the requirements to prevent any damage or deterioration at the time of transit
·      Ensure product identification of the packed materials by marking the products using appropriate indicators
·      Support in loading material in the trucks for dispatch

Documentation related to production and dispatch
·   File and maintain all the documents related to production activities (as per ISO standards) in work order file, including PO, POT, electrical, mechanical, etc.
·   Maintain records of product identification and traceability such as details of work order number, truck number, product details, packaging records, dispatch details, invoice etc.
·   Update entries on ERP system related to the production process

Additional Job Responsibilities:-  
·   Performs any additional work as assigned by the management from time to time.

TL – Design & Engineering

Location : Gurgaon

Qualification : Diploma/ B. Tech in electronics & communication

Experience : 4-7 Years

Position : Executive/ Sr. Executive

Primary Job Responsibilities:-
Design and Development of New Products
·   Design new circuitry as per the Purchase Order (PO) schedule
·   Finalize Bill of Material (BOM) and prepare technical documents for the execution of work order
·   Direct the R & D trial according to the customer’s requirement
·   Develop prototypes for range of products based on company’s technology
·   Conduct tests to check for environmental and electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility
·   Develop simulation model to allow study of fault cases and dynamic performance
·   Engage in ongoing control of design changes and product configuration.

Design and Fabrication of Repeat Order Products
·   Liaise with Production team to facilitate assembling and testing of products in case of repeat orders

Assembly of Systems – Turnkey Projects
·   Provide technical support to customers in product assembling at the client site
·   Purchase sub systems based on customer’s specifications, integrate system and dispatch as per customer’s requirements

Market Inquiries and Technical Proposals
·   Assess technical feasibility for product development based on the RFQ shared by the customers
·   Support Sales & Marketing team in preparing technical proposals based on the RFQs and provide internal technical support
·   Suggest solutions for product development as per customer requirements

Product Qualification
·   Ensure product qualification is done as per the MIL standards
·   Monitor and manage product testing activities at external laboratories
·   Conduct regular quality analysis to avoid remedying mistakes and guide the supervision of unqualified products
·   Ensure strict adherence to quality procedures and investigate  product modifications, where required, as per the quality standards

Project Management
·   Develop and maintain a detailed project schedule pertaining to product design and development
·   Monitor project changes as per the project schedule
·   Engage in vendor development: Constant interaction with vendors and the Purchase team to drive down product cost and improve quality / reliability through innovative design solutions
·   Maintain and control Bill of Material for project under execution
·   Allocate resources as per the project requirement
·   Assist production in analyzing customer complaints
·   Procurement of material from the Purchase team for product design and development activities
·   Oversee the dispatch activities of products to customers as per the defined specifications

MIS Reporting and Technical Documentation
·   Analyze and provide MIS data to the Management on a weekly basis by consolidating relevant data/information
·   Monitor and highlight progress of projects as per pre-defined timelines on a weekly basis to the senior management
·   Prepare technical documentation / manuals, including drawings, technical specifications, test schedules, etc. required for product realization

Additional Job Responsibilities:-
·   Provides internal technical support to other divisions and external technical cooperation to customers by  assisting them in filtering designs as per their specifications
·   Involved in the recruitment of GET staff
·   Performs any other responsibilities assigned by the management from time to time

Managerial Responsibilities:-
·   Allocate the work as per the work pressure of the reportees and the work pipeline
·   Mentors direct reportees and provides recommendations on design, layout and test methodologies
·   Undertake Performance appraisals of direct reportees and strengthen their performance through constructive feedback
·   Ensure appropriate training and development for direct report on functional & behavioral areas, relevant to the role to be performed

Executive QA

Location : Gurgaon

Qualification : Diploma Electronics/ Electrical Engg.

Experience : 1-4 Years

Position : Executive

Quality Assurance

Location : Gurgaon

Qualification : Diploma, from Electronics and telecommunication

Experience : 5-8 Yrs

Position :  Senior Executive/ Asst. Manager QC

Primary Job Responsibilities:
Incoming Goods Inspection
·    Perform inspection of daily incoming goods in IGI (Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Items).
·    Generate NCPR when material not as per requirement or as per data.
·    Communicate quality related issue if any with suppliers and concern department.
·    Take corrective action on NCPR for resolution of problems.

Kit Verification
·   Verification of offered assembly kit as per controlled BOM and R&D documents. Kit Verification Reports should circulate to all concern.

In process Inspection
·   In process inspection of Assembled Cards (PCB) and Complete Unit as per Controlled/Vetted Documents.

·   Testing of Power Supply and PCB as per the Approved Specification of Customer and/or approved ATP of customer/ Design deptt.

Final QC Inspection and Pre Dispatch Inspection
·    QC inspection of final product in FQC as per approved specification or ATP by customer or Design deptt.
·    Pre dispatch inspection of FG as per PDI Report and approved procedure in ATP or Customer requirement.

·    Control all approved documents and distributes these to all concern.
·    Maintain documents as per the requirement of ISO.
·    Implement and maintain 5S on shop floor and working area.
·    Maintain QMS (ISO9001:2015) throughout the organization.
·    Knowledge of AS9100-D is an added advantage.

Communication Skill
·    Good command on Hindi and English.
·    Email writing

Quality Planning and Execution
·    Ensure detection and prevention of rejections
·    Engage in maintaining, communicating and implementing a quality plan
·    Coordinate with external laboratories for product testing in consultation with design team
·   Ensure the product is manufactured within the parameters of Quality specifications, safety regulations and design guidelines
·   Ensure efficient calibration of test equipment in internal and external laboratories and carry out adjustment where required
·   Determine and record quality related problems and share results and recommendations with Production team
·   Ensure implementation of measures to be taken for the prevention of non conformities in quality
·   Control quality of production from the time of receiving the raw material till the product delivery through quality inspection of incoming goods, in-process materials, components, and processes as per schedule.
·   Prepare quality procedures and work instructions pertaining to QA department, compliant to ISO standards.

Internal and External Audits
·    Plan and conduct process, system quality and store (for bonded -Military grade and general – commercial grade material) audits.
·    Coordinate with external agencies for external audits performed at the production facility.
·   Implement Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA ) .

Additional Job Responsibilities:
·   Feedback takes from customers to verify and maintain customer satisfaction index.
·   Take Corrective measure on problem reported by customer.
·   Performs any other responsibilities assigned by the management from time to time

Managerial Responsibilities:  
·   Achieve Quality Target and Quality Objectives
·   Performs any other responsibilities assigned by the management from time to time
·   Ensure appropriate training and development for direct reports on functional & behavioral areas, relevant to the role to be performed

Production Manager

Location : Gurgaon

Qualification : Diploma,  from Electronics and telecommunication

Experience : 6-15 Yrs

Position :  Manager

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